What We Do

OptiCell is a nutritional company that bases its expertise on metabolomics, through targeted scientific blood, hair and urine analyses, that result in highly personalised nutritional solutions.

Thorough research went into developing our general product range, focusing on specific population groups. Deficiencies in these groups were identified and led to the development of specific products, to address certain problems. Our all-natural supplements consist of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and anti-oxidants.

Our products are directed at rectifying diverse dysfunctions at a cellular level, ranging from diabetes, cholesterol, cardiovascular health, blood pressure support, attention deficient disorders (ADD), chronic fatigue, arthritis, intestinal problems, pH imbalances, skin issues, infertility, immune disorders and many more.

OptiCell’s primary focus is to optimise human health on a sub-cellular level and to ensure that we do not treat symptoms, but rather that we address the root of the problem. Supplementation from OptiCell aims to supply the body with exactly what it needs, through precision wellness, in order to facilitate general good health and to recover any damage that may have been imparted, due to nutritional insufficiencies.

This is the future of biomedical health.

Michael Du Toit

What Our Customers Say

After suffering for years with various health issues, including irregular heartbeat I discovered OptiCell. I had better results with OptiCell products in a short period of time that seeing Medical Specialists. Not only are OptiCell beneficial in treating existing health issues but also a valuable aid in maintaining overall wellbeing. My spouse suffers from joint pain and degeneration of the discs in her neck, the products that OptiCell suggested reduce the pain and stiffness to a manageable level. I can recommend OptiCell to anyone with health issues.
Izak P
20 September 2021
I heard about OptiCell from one of my kids mom as her son was on the sherbets. I then decided to go see the as I just wanted to live a healthy lifestyle. This was in February 2021. I then did my blood test and started the Amino Acid Supplements, I started to feel less tired, my skin was clearing and my energy levels went up. I then decided that my husband, 2 kids also do the blood test and they are also on the Amino Acid Blends with great improvement on their health. When I contracted COVID in June 2021, I only had a blocked nose and nothing else. I firmly believe this is because my viral Amino Acids were high compared to when I did the test on February. The person that has benefitted the most is my 16 year old niece who is in matric. She had episodes of anxiety and depression. She started with Adrenal Balance on top of her Amino Acid Blends and hasn't had any anxiety attacks since June 2021. I would recommend OptiCell any day!!
Zakithi M.
20 September 2021

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