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AntiViral Care Pack

Antiviral Care Package

When an individual successfully contracts COVID-19, the viral mechanisms responsible for the proliferation of additional viral particles use the host’s cellular components and nutrients.
The effect hereof often leaves the body in a nutritionally starved state and may therefore allude to downstream complications, or what’s known as a post-COVID viral syndrome. The symptoms associated herewith may vary from person to person but can include neurological or cardiac complications and/or long-term issues with the respiratory system. All depending on the nutritional status of the individual, prior to infection, these symptoms may present with high levels of severity, especially for individuals who were suffering from minor or major nutritional insufficiencies, prior to infection.
OptiCell’s all-natural Anti-Viral Care Package consists of:
  • L-Lysine (An amino acid that is essential for immune function and works actively towards clearing viral particles from the intracellular environment)
  • OptiCell’s Immune Building (A blend aimed specifically at conferring long term immunity and promoting organ health)
  • OptiCell’s CardioPlus and Lung Assist (To provide nutritional support for the cardiac and respiratory systems, in order to facilitate the repair of damaged tissue and blood conducting vessels)
  • A high dosage of Vitamin C – at least 3000 mg of unbuffered ascorbic acid daily (To facilitate innate immunity, to minimise oxidative stress and to limit the inflammatory effects of the extracellular viral activity, like cytolysis)
We courier nationwide at a standard cost of R150.00 (previously R120.00). All orders exceeding R2 000.00 qualify for complimentary courier.
Stay safe and healthy.

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