ADD Sherbet

  • Focus
  • Concentration
  • Energy
  • Memory
  • May enhance concentration levels
  • May improve focus (On single stimuli)
  • Aids in normalising processing capability in the brain
  • Supports normal biochemical reactions in the brain and body
  • Supplies essential nutrients to the brain
  • Suitable for ADHD as well
  • Not suitable for diabetics (Contains sugar)


A flavoursome sherbet containing an ideal blend of amino acids, including NALC and P.E.P.C., is combined in a fast and convenient way, to aid in the normalisation of ADD/ADHD symptoms. This proprietary blend helps to support biochemical reactions in the brain and body, in order to improve focus, short- and long-term memory, enhance concentration and regulate the fundamental processing functions of the brain. ADD sherbet offers children and individuals an alternative to swallowing capsules, while simultaneously assisting to support the body’s basic nutritional needs.

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